They have served my family for the last 3 years. They have helped us navigate through small issues and larger unforeseen legal challenges. Jason stayed with us every step along the way and I have complete trust in his ability.

Joseph C


They have great prices, friendly and are very personal. If you need a law firm you gotta hire them. They are great!

David I

Assault Client

After receiving a DWI I literally got 15 letters in the mail from law firms wanting my business. I called almost all of them and nobody treated me with more respect than Jason Hine. From start to finish he made sure I was covered on all bases, and he truly made it a seamless experience. Miller & Hine also had the most competitive pricing of any law firm in the area.


DWI- Creve Coeur

We were represented by Jason Hine. He is really the bomb! He anticipated my anxiety and responded very caringly and with professionalism.”

Margaret S.

St. Louis County

We had a tricky case in a Missouri County where they are not forgiving. Jimmy Miller successfully argued and convinced the prosecutor to lessen the charges. At the hearing, he went the extra mile and the prosecutor ended up not bringing any charges and the Judge dismissed the case! He is young, smart, and hard working

Steve V.

Callaway County Case

My lawyer was Excellent. He help me get a more than favorable outcome on 3 class A felonies. I have never been in trouble with the law besides traffic in my life and I am in my 50’s so I did not understand most of the terminology like S.I.S. or what it would be like 2 go to a jury trial and many other obstacles over the last 16 month’s. Jason Hine helped me to understand all of it by explaining to me in layman’s terms thus allowing me to make my own informed decisions on how I wanted to proceed every step of the way. I would highly recommend the attorney Mr. Jason Hine to anyone in need of a criminal lawyer. I thank him for all of his hard work on my case. He also in listed 2 other lawyers at the end 2 help prepare me for a jury trial. Hes is an exellent lawyer.

Rodney Sykes

City of St. Louis

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