Felony Drug Possession

Client was charged in St. Louis City with possession of heroin and possession of fentanyl both Felonies. Defendant was charged as a prior and persistent offender having previously plead to drug cases. The client was looking at 15 years in jail.

Case Dismissed

The car was searched based upon someone calling 911 on the Defendant's erratic behavior. We argued the case had to be dismissed due to the new Missouri Good Samaritan law.


Domestic Assault; UUW

Client was accused of beating his ex-wife and pulling a gun on her new boyfriend.

Case Dismissed

The client stated that they attacked him first and he defended himself. The case was dismissed after the victims refused to come to court to testify.


Robbery 1st Degree

Client was charged with Robbery after the victim claimed he robbed him at gunpoint.

Case Dismissed

Investigation of the case shows that the victim was under the influence of drugs at the time and was mistaken as to the identity. Case was dismissed by the State.


Assault; ACA; UUW

Client was charged after shooting at her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. A witness called 911 after seeing this happen.

No Conviction

Client was able to receive a plea deal on the morning of trial. Client served no jail time and received no criminal conviction upon completing probation.


Sexual Abuse 1st Degree

Client was a nurse at a medical facility designed to treat those with mental illnesses. Client was accused of sexually assaulting a patient that was incapacitated.

Charge Lessened and No Prison Time

We took the deposition of the victim's medical doctor which greatly affected her story. The State agreed to lower the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. The client was released without having to serve any prison time.


Domestic Assault; Burglary

Client was charged in St. Louis City with breaking into his ex-girlfriends home and assaulting her.

Case Dismissed

The evidence showed that the victims story did not match up. The State dismissed the case.



Client was a 17 year old who was involved in a motor vehicle accident at 3 A.M. The police took his breath test which was .16, that's 2x the legal limit.

Charge Amended, Keeps License

The charge was amended to illegal parking which meant just a fine. Also meant no probation and no criminal conviction. Client also got his driving privileges reinstated.


Incest, Statutory Rape, Statutory Sodomy

The client was charged in St. Charles County with 3 counts of Statutory Rape, 3 counts of Statutory Sodomy, and 6 counts of Incest. She was alleged to have had sex with her 15 year old brother after he accused her of it.

No Prison Time

The victim's deposition was taken and his story was different then what was told the police. The Prosecutor dismissed 10 of the charges and gave the client probation.


Felony Stealing

Client was charged in St. Louis City for Stealing over $10,000 from her previous employer. They accused her of taking cash and other items.

Case Dismissed

The morning of trial the case was dismissed.


Child Endangerment

The client was charged in St. Charles County after a newborn died while she was babysitting. The client originally told the police that another child she was babysitting had hit the child over the head. She later confessed that she fell on the child after losing her balance.

No Jail Time

The State wanted the maximum amount of jail time throughout the proceedings. The case was set for trial and during negotiations at a pre-trial conference a deal was reached. No jail time and the defendant was placed on probation.


Domestic Assault; Burglary

Client was charged in St. Louis County with Domestic Assault and Burglary. The police arrived and saw the client kicking at his ex girlfriends car. She had alleged that he kicked in her door and assaulted her.

Charge Amended to Trespassing

The State DISMISSED the Domestic Assault charge on the morning of trial. The burglary charge was amended to trespassing and the client was only required to pay a fine. No jail and no probation.


Domestic Assault, Resisting Arrest

Client was charged in St. Louis City with domestic assault and resisting arrest. The client maced her ex boyfriend in the face and then ran from the police when they arrived.

Jury Trial- NOT GUILTY

The client refused to plead guilty because she acted in self-defense and the officer came charging at her unprovoked. The jury deliberated for two hours and found her NOT GUILTY of all charges.

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