St. Louis Drug Crime Lawyer

Understanding Your Drug Crime Charges in Missouri

Drug crimes are the most commonly charged criminal offenses in St. Louis. For example, suppose you are under arrest for possession of certain illicit substances or driving under the influence of drugs. 

In that case, you face substantial penalties that can negatively impact your life for many years to come. In this situation, you need a defense attorney you can trust to help you navigate your case with confidence immediately.

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Providing Defense Representation to Clients in St. Louis Facing  Drug Charges

At Miller & Hine, our drug crime lawyers leverage their knowledge, skills, and experience in criminal defense to do whatever is needed to defend your rights in the criminal justice system. 

Drug Crime Cases We Handle

Our St. Louis lawyers represent clients in both state and federal courts accused of drug charges, including:

What Are the Penalties for Drug Crimes in St. Louis, MO?

Many drug-related crimes carry extremely harsh jail sentences and fines. 

If you are ever convicted of a drug crime, that conviction will stay on your record for the rest of your life and could affect your ability to:

  • Get a job
  • Get a loan
  • Or even an apartment 

It’s possible to face multiple drug charges in St. Louis, depending on the nature of your drug crimes. Some of the most generally prosecuted drug crimes in St. Louis include simple possession for personal consumption, possession with intent to sell, and drug trafficking

How Is the Severity of Drug Crimes Determined? 

The severity of the penalties you face and whether it is a misdemeanor or federal charges hinges on:

  • The type of drugs involved in the case
  • The number of drugs in question
  • And the actuality of any aggravating or mitigating factors

For this reason, any time you’re facing charges or have been arrested for drug offenses, it’s important that you take the time to consult with a St. Louis drug crime lawyer who can help you to better understand the charges you are facing, your constitutional rights, and your legal options.

Long Term Answers

Many drug-related crimes are committed because the individual is an addict. If you are tired of struggling with drug addiction we can help you receive long term treatment. We can work out a sentence that involves treatment to help protect your criminal record and guarantee you a long life. Most of the time you can take advantage of State programs that are almost entirely paid for.

How Missouri Drug Crime Attorneys Can Help

Your drug crimes lawyer at Miller & Hine will help you determine the best strategy for your defense. In any criminal case, the responsibility of proof rests with the prosecution. We represent clients from the initial arraignment and will proceed to trial when it is in the best interests of the client.

 Depending on the circumstances of your situation, a St. Louis drug defense lawyer from our firm may be able to help you obtain a favorable plea deal, help you prove your innocence, or even get the charges against you dropped completely. 

At Miller & Hine, we are dedicated to provide the best possible defense to our clients, no matter what the charges may be. The key is to act quickly, so call us today for a free consultation. 


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