Plea Deals

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Why Take a Plea

Many times criminal cases do not make it to a trial because a plea deal is reached. This means that the Defendant pleads guilty to a deal that was worked out between us and the Prosecutor. Often times plea deals can be reached where the Defendant pleads guilty, but they will not take a conviction on their record or will not have to face prison time. Thus, some people would much rather take the for sure deal rather than risking the chance of going to prison if found guilty at trial.

Different Types of Pleas

1. Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS):This is where you plead guilty to the offense, but you will not take a criminal conviction as long as you successfully complete a term of probation.

2. Suspended Execution of Sentence (SES): This is where the Judge sentences you to a fine and/or jail time, but suspends the sentence for a period of time for you to be placed on probation. As long as you successfully complete probation you will not be fined or have to serve jail time, but you will still have a criminal conviction on your record.

3. Alternative Sentencing: This is often used in plea bargaining where you will be placed in a court ordered program in order to avoid jail time. Many times it’s used in DWI cases or Drug cases.

4. Standard Sentencing: This is where you will be required to complete or serve what ever the Judge sentences you to.


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