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When someone dies through the negligent act of another, a wrongful death claim can result. In this type of case, the personal representative of the estate of a deceased person is authorized to file a lawsuit against those responsible for the person’s death. A wrongful death case can arise from any type of personal injury case including medical malpractice, automobile accidents, construction accidents, airplane accidents and many more.

The death of a family member is a profound and horrible event. Lives change instantly and you are left trying to cope with the physical pain and sorrow caused by a wrongful death as well as the worries over medical bills, funeral bills, and other financial obligations. Our St. Louis wrongful death lawyers understand that while money alone cannot relieve your pain and suffering or restore your loss, the law provides a remedy.

We assist our clients with basic legal issues that arise after a death and how important it is that the wrongful death action be aggressively prosecuted so that a full financial recovery can be obtained.

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What Is a Wrongful Death, and Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Missouri?

As mentioned above, wrongful death can essentially be explained as any death resulting from an act or circumstance that, had they lived, would entitle the victim to recover damages through a personal injury claim. In other words, a wrongful death claim can be brought against anyone whose negligence or wrongdoing resulted in someone’s death.

A wrongful death claim must be filed by someone on behalf of the deceased person. Individuals entitled to file a wrongful death claim on a deceased person’s behalf in Missouri are as follows:

If none of these individuals has survived the decedent, anyone entitled to benefit from the proceeds of the wrongful death claim may request that the court appoint a “plaintiff ad litem” to bring the wrongful death claim on their behalf.

Compensation Recoverable Through a Wrongful Death Claim in Missouri

Although no amount of money will ever replace your loved one, a monetary settlement can help ease the financial burden on your family. The settlement may include compensation for:

Our St. Louis wrongful death lawyers understand how important it is for a wrongful death action to be tenaciously prosecuted so that the financial burden of the loss of your loved one is shifted from you and your family to those responsible for your loved one’s death.

The Statute of Limitations For Wrongful Death Claims in Missouri

The wrongful death attorneys at Miller & Hine know that when you lose someone you care about in a catastrophic accident, the furthest thing from your mind at the time is filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, your timeframe to file a Missouri wrongful death claim is limited.

If your loved one was killed because of another person’s negligence, you must act quickly to file a claim on their behalf. In Missouri, a wrongful death lawsuit must generally be filed within three years of the date of their death.

This deadline is referred to as the statute of limitations. If a wrongful death lawsuit is not filed before this deadline, it may be barred from ever being filed.

Wrongful Death Cases vs. Criminal Homicide Cases

Success in a wrongful death case, like in other civil cases, relates solely to the amount of monetary compensation the defendant is ordered to pay to the deceased person’s family or estate. On the other hand, success in a criminal homicide case relates to the accused being found guilty of homicide and the amount of prison time, probation, fines, and other penalties they receive for the conviction.

Furthermore, in criminal cases, the state or federal government has the burden of proving that the accused is guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”—the highest legal standard of proof. But, in civil cases, the plaintiff must only establish the defendant is at fault for the death by “a preponderance of the evidence,” meaning that the defendant is more likely than not responsible for the death.

It is possible for a person’s death to give rise to both a civil case and a wrongful death case. In other words, a criminal homicide case being prosecuted against a wrongdoer does not preclude you from pursuing a wrongful death claim against the same defendant, or vice versa.

How an Experienced St. Louis Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help

Finding out that a loved one was killed in an accident due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing can be overwhelming. It can be challenging to piece together whose fault it was and why it happened, especially while you are grieving the loss of a family member.

If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident in St. Louis, it is important to hire an experienced St. Louis wrongful death attorney to assist you with navigating the legal process at this extremely difficult time. Here are some reasons why:

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The law governing wrongful death claims in Missouri is complex. Our St. Louis wrongful death attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to build a solid case against all negligent parties.

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