Bond Reduction Hearings

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Many times people are very frightened when they find out that they have criminal charges pending, because they don’t want to sit in jail and not be able to post bond. The initial bond set in a criminal case is too much for the average person to afford. However, an attorney can file for a bond reduction and get the bond reduced to amount that is much more reasonable.

The Process

If you hire our firm to handle your criminal case, the first thing we can do is file for a bond reduction. We can do this if you are already in jail or even if you have a warrant, but have not been picked up yet. We can schedule a hearing in front of the judge to argue why the bond is too high and to ask for a bond amount that you can afford. Often times, the client attends the bond reduction with us, gets booked on the charges, and then posts the lower bond and is released that day.

Different Types of Bonds

Cash Bonds: these must be paid in cash and a bondsmen is not allowed

Regular Bonds: this is where a bondsmen is allowed to post the bond or you yourself can post the bond with 10% of the bond you would have to pay

Property Bonds: this is where you can use property you own to post the bond

Personal Recognizance Bond: this is where nothing is posted and the judge releases you on your own recognizance, but can issue a warrant again if you fail to attend all of your court dates

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