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No one expects an injury to suddenly send their life spinning off-course, but serious injuries occur to thousands of Americans every day. When the injury was caused by another party’s careless, reckless, or purposefully wrongful actions, it’s even more distressing to live with the burden of expenses and other consequences of the injury, especially when the consequences are temporarily or permanently life-altering. These consequences of an injury are your “damages” in a personal injury claim. 

If you’ve suffered an injury in Kansas City due to the negligent actions of an individual or business, you shouldn’t be left without fair compensation from the party at fault for your injury. A personal injury lawyer in Kansas City is ready to provide skilled legal counsel and experienced representation throughout the legal process of recovering compensation. Call the attorneys at Miller & Hine today so we can begin a strategy for prompt action on your case.

Why Choose Miller & Hine for Your Personal Injury Lawyers in Kansas City?

The personal injury attorneys at Miller & Hine provide meticulous attention to detail and personalized attention to every client’s unique case. An experienced Kansas City attorney can make all the difference in achieving your desired outcome. With representation from Miller & Hine, you’ll enjoy the following advantages in your claim:

You need a knowledgeable and resourceful personal injury lawyer with years of experience in Missouri personal injury law to steer your case into the best course of action. Legal challenges are rarely simple. The insurance company of the party at fault for your injury is likely to dispute your claim or offer a fast settlement for much less than the amount you’re entitled to recover. You deserve someone on your side arguing aggressively for your rights and defending your best interests.

Common Personal Injury Cases in Kansas City

If you’ve been injured in Kansas City or the surrounding region, you may be wondering if your case qualifies for a lawsuit. If your injury was preventable if only someone else had taken reasonable measures to prevent it or had acted the way another, reasonable person or business would have under the same circumstances, it qualifies for a personal injury claim. It helps to know the common types of personal injury lawsuits seen in Missouri courts. These include injuries from the following:

Damages from injuries caused by the above can range from mild injuries causing a single hospital bill and a few days of missed work, to life-altering accidents causing disability or impairment. Whether you’ve broken a wrist in a slip-and-fall accident in a convenience store or suffered a brain injury from a car accident, you deserve compensation from the person or business that failed to take reasonable care.

Proving Liability in a Personal Injury Claim in Missouri

Personal injury claims in Kansas City often result in disputes as the defendant and their insurer use the state’s pure comparison negligence doctrine in an attempt to minimize the amount they pay out on a claim. According to Missouri 537.765.:

“Defendant may plead and prove the fault of the plaintiff as an affirmative defense. Any fault chargeable to the plaintiff shall diminish proportionately the amount awarded as compensatory damages but shall not bar recovery.”

Under this law, an injury victim can recover a portion of their damages even if they are partly at fault for their injury. In other words, if they are found 25 percent at fault for an injury, they can still recover $75,000 of a $100,000 claim. Unfortunately, this incentivizes insurance companies to assign an undue burden of fault to injury victims to lower the amount they pay out on a claim for damages. A personal injury attorney from Miller & Hine will document evidence proving the following:

Your personal injury attorney will handle all communication and negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurer to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your damages through a settlement or in a court lawsuit if required.

What Compensation is Available in a Kansas City Personal Injury Case?

Injuries quickly become expensive as well as painful and life-altering. Common compensation recovered in personal injury claims in Missouri includes the following damages:

While financial compensation doesn’t undo the harm caused to you by the negligent party, it provides a sense of justice as well as relief for the financial hardship caused by the injury. We are ready to be a powerful voice behind your personal injury claim.

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No one should have to take on a complicated legal process alone while dealing with painful or debilitating injuries. Instead, let Miller & Hine focus our team’s legal minds on getting the most out of your compensation claim in Kansas City while you focus your energy on reaching the maximum medical improvement from your injury. Contact our Kansas City personal injury law firm today for a free evaluation of your case.