What to Expect

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The Process

  1. We sit down and discuss all the details of the charges with the client. We want to find out everything about them and what really happened from their point of view.
  2. If the client is in jail or has a warrant for their arrest, we file for a bond reduction to try and get the client released.
  3. We receive the police report and review it with the client. We then begin to pick the parts of the case that we plan to attack.
  4. We have a preliminary hearing if the client is charged with a felony.
  5. We file motions to try and exclude evidence.
  6. We don’t take the first plea deal offered. We will continue to fight in order to get the best plea deal possible.
  7. Finally, we review all options available to the client and discuss whether to move forward with a plea deal or proceed to trial.