Child Kidnapping in Missouri

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A person commits the offense of Child Kidnapping if he or she is not a relative of the child, knowing he or she has no right to do so, removes a child under the age of fourteen without consent of the child’s parents or guardian, or confines such child for a substantial period of time without such consent. 

In determining whether the child was removed or confined unlawfully, it is an affirmative defense that the person reasonably believed that the person’s actions were necessary to preserve the child from danger to his or her welfare.

Child Kidnapping is a Class A Felony.

Child Kidnapping is a very serious charge. You want to consult with a St. Louis criminal attorney as soon as possible if you were recently charged with this offense. The attorneys at Miller & Hine are dedicated to provide the best possible defense to our clients, no matter what the charges against them may be. Your freedom and future are at stake. Call us today for a free consultation.