DWI Lawyer St. Louis: Tips to Protect Your Freedom If Charged with a DWI


Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense in Missouri and a conviction can adversely impact various aspects of your life. If you are arrested for DWI, be prepared to get in touch with a skillful DWI lawyer St Louis at the first opportunity after the arrest. Here are a few tips that should help to protect your freedom if you are facing DWI charges.

Be Polite but Know Your Rights

When a police officer in Missouri pulls you over for a suspected DWI, maintain a polite and courteous demeanor throughout. However, this does not mean you have to cooperate or agree to anything they say or ask. If the officer asks: “Were you drinking with friends” be ready to exercise your right to remain silent. Inform the officer that you will only answer questions after you have spoken to your DWI lawyer St Louis.

Refuse Field Sobriety Tests

In Missouri, you have a legal right to refuse to take field sobriety tests when you are stopped for a suspected DWI offense. It will not have any adverse legal consequences on your case later on. These tests typically include performing balancing acts as well as an examination of the movement of your eyes. The tests are not a perfect science and you could fail them even if you are actually sober.

Hire a St Louis DWI Lawyer

If you are arrested for DWI in Missouri, exercise your right to legal representation at the first opportunity. Do not make any legal decision (such as pleading guilty) without consulting a dependable and experienced DWI attorney. Law enforcement officers will be looking to build a criminal case against you, and your best bet to protect your rights would be to let a drunk driving lawyer in St. Louis represent you.

Consider Challenging the Breath Test Results

After a DWI arrest, law enforcement will ask you to take a breathalyzer test to determine the blood alcohol level in your body. Even if you fail the test (your BAC level is higher than what is legally permissible), it does not automatically mean a conviction. Your DWI lawyer St Louis can critically investigate the testing equipment used and procedure followed. If the reliability of the test findings is questionable, your lawyer will move to have the DWI charges against you dismissed.

Try to Avoid License Suspension

It may be possible to find legal options to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license for a DWI offense in Missouri. Your attorney will evaluate all the facts and apply the best defense tactics, which could stop the DMV from going ahead with your license suspension. The attorney may request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing on your behalf within the stipulated time limit. To maximize your legal options, make sure you contact a St Louis DWI attorney as soon as possible.

Negotiate for Reduced Charges

When it appears that an entire dismissal of DWI charges may not be possible, your attorney will focus on the goal to have the DWI charge reduced to a lesser charge, such as reckless driving. Your attorney should be a highly skilled and experienced negotiator to achieve the best possible outcome in your favor.

Choose the Best DWI Lawyer St Louis

Your reputation and freedom are priceless. You deserve the most effective legal representation to protect your rights in a Missouri DWI case. At Miller & Hine, we treat clients like family and do everything possible within the bounds of law to win their case. We can offer you a free one-hour, in-person consultation on the phone or at the jail. Call us at (314) 413-2053 today or reach us online.