Do’s and Don’ts During a Personal Injury Claim


Injuries are sudden, unexpected, and painful. They are particularly distressing when they occur due to someone else’s careless or reckless actions or from another person’s act of wrongdoing or violence. A serious injury can send your life off course in an instant, sometimes making it impossible for a prompt return to work at the same…

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What to Do If Your Child Was Injured in a Bicycle Accident

Bicycling is a family-friendly and health-conscious activity for Missouri residents, but when an accident occurs to a child in traffic, the results can be tragic. Despite Missouri’s pure comparative negligence insurance laws, the state never holds children to the same standards of reasonable care as adults. Children under the age of seven are never negligent…

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Missouri’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Missouri is known as “The Show Me” state for a reason—with scenic routes through the Ozark Mountains, the Katy Trail, and along the St. Louis Loop—there are many exhilarating rides for motorcycle enthusiasts. But before you enjoy the open road and thrilling open-air adventure of a motorcycle ride in Missouri, you must be familiar with…

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Missouri Car Accident Fatalities 2022


According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MDOT), their primary priority—as well as that of the Missouri Highway Patrol is to “Promote safety and enforce traffic laws for motorists.” Despite that premise, fatal car accidents increased in Missouri for three years in a row, peaking in 2022 with the state’s highest number of traffic fatalities…

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How Missouri’s Comparison Negligence Laws Affect Injury Claims


Unlike the handful of no-fault insurance states that require accident victims to file claims against their own auto insurance, in Missouri, it matters who caused the car accident when an injury victim seeks compensation. Missouri’s car accident claim laws function under a pure comparative negligence system. While many states use a modified comparison negligence system…

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