Bond Reduction Hearings in Missouri


When you are charged with a crime the Judge will set a bond on your case. The bond is what is required for you to be released from custody before the case is completed. There are cash bonds, surety bonds, property bonds, and personal recognizance bonds. They will also set conditions that you must follow.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a skilled St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney who can defend your rights and take the necessary steps to protect your freedom and future.

Here are the different types of bond hearings.

Initial Bond Review

After being arrested on a criminal arrest warrant you will go in front of a Judge for an initial bond review. The Judge will review your bond and determine whether or not to modify the bond. If the case involves a victim, the bond will most likely remain the same and you will receive a new date so that that victim has notification and the right to be present at the hearing.

Rule 33.05 Release Hearing (Bond Review)

The main bond reduction hearing takes place within seven days after the initial bond review. Hiring an experienced St. Louis criminal defense attorney must be your topmost priority following your arrest. An experienced attorney will be able to argue all of the factors the Judge will want to hear in order to reduce the bond.

Factors the Court Considers 

  1. The nature and circumstances of the offense charged
  2. The weight of the evidence against the Defendant
  3. Defendant’s family ties
  4. Defendant’s employment
  5. Defendant’s financial resources
  6. Defendant’s character and mental condition
  7. Length of Defendant’s residence in the community
  8. Defendant’s criminal history
  9. Defendant’s record of appearance at court
  10. Whether Defendant was on probation, parole, or release pending trial at time of offense

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