Fighting for Justice? A St. Louis Criminal Attorney Can Help You!


If you are facing criminal charges in Missouri, it is critical to be represented by a skilled attorney who can defend you aggressively and fight hard to achieve the best outcome possible. Given below are four proven ways a St. Louis criminal attorney can help you if you are fighting for justice.

Navigating The Criminal Law System

One of the biggest advantages of having an experienced defense attorney by your side is that they know how to navigate the state’s criminal law system. They can assess your case, review the evidence, talk to the right people, and decide whether it is possible to get the charges against you dismissed or whether they should negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution.

At every step of the process, your St. Louis criminal attorney will fight hard to ensure your rights as a citizen are not violated and try their best to get the charges against you dismissed or get the lightest sentence possible under the law.

Scrutinizing The Prosecution’s Case Against You

This is one of the most important duties of the St. Louis criminal attorney who represents you. In a criminal case, the prosecution is required to prove your culpability ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’. If the evidence they have against you is insufficient or if it was obtained through unlawful means, your attorney can easily have the charges against you dismissed.

Even if the prosecution does have a strong case against you, your St. Louis criminal attorney might still be able to work with them and get a favorable plea deal for you.

Reducing Your Sentence

One of the hallmarks of a skilled criminal defense attorney is the ability to get your sentence reduced to the highest extent possible. Even if you are found guilty of the charges against you, your attorney might still be able to work out a favorable sentencing program.

For instance, if you have an addiction problem and have been charged with drug possession, your St. Louis criminal attorney might be able to work with the prosecution and get you into the drug court program or the SIS (suspended imposition of sentence) probation program — both of which can help you avoid serving time.

Offering Psychological Support

Facing criminal charges can be a terrifying experience — especially if you are a first-time offender who has never dealt with the state’s criminal law system before. An experienced criminal defense attorney can stand by you, provide you with the right advice at every step of the process, and offer the support you need. It can make the legal process a lot less stressful for you.

Choose the Right St. Louis Criminal Attorney to Represent You

At Miller & Hine, we know that getting convicted of a felony or even a misdemeanor charge can have lifelong consequences. No matter what kind of charges you are facing, we will fight hard to have them dismissed or reduced to the highest extent possible.

We have the legal knowledge, resources, and trial experience to build the right defense strategy for you — irrespective of the charges you face. We will use all the tools at our disposal to achieve a favorable outcome in your case. Call us today at (314) 413-2053 or contact us online for a free review of your case — over the phone or in-person (even if you are in jail).