What to do if you have a Wanted for Questioning in Missouri?


One of the most common questions we get is what should you do if the police put out a wanted for questioning on you. The answer is simple. Hire a skilled St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer.  We regularly assist people in Missouri with warrants for questioning. Sometimes we can resolve it without you ever having to get arrested.

The Process

  1. We discuss the situation with you. We try to find out why the police want to speak with you and what information you would be able to provide. The more you can inform us the more we can help you.
  2. Then we decide whether or not it’s in your best interest to speak with the police.
  3. Then we contact the police to inform them that we represent you and they are not allowed to obtain a statement without us being present.
  4. Then we schedule a time to meet with the police.
  5. Then we stay in contact with the police to determine whether or not any charges will be filed.

What Not To Do When You Have A Wanted For Questioning

The worst thing you can do is try and resolve it on your own. The police are trained to trip you up and try to get you to confess to something you may not have done. The police will act like this is no big deal and they “just want to talk” but in reality they could be building a case against you. If you are unsure, just invoke your right to remain silent.

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