St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer: Concussions after Car Accident


Concussions are an unfortunate consequence of being in a car accident. It should be taken very seriously and you should seek expert medical advice for treatment. The St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers at Miller & Hine are experienced in maximizing compensation for our clients that have been diagnosed with a concussion after an auto accident.

Here is what to expect for treatment after a car accident in St. Louis, Missouri resulting in a concussion.

1. Consult with Neurosurgeon

St. Louis has many medical experts that specialize in dealing with and treating concussions after a car accident. Arch Neurosurgery is one of many providers in St. Louis that is extremely specialized in helping victims of a car accident recover from their concussion symptoms.

2. Physical Therapy

After being examined by the neurosurgeon, you will most likely be referred for physical therapy. The most common forms are vestibular and cognitive therapies. This type of treatment is vital and can help alleviate your pain.

3. Medical Injections

One of the most common symptoms of a concussion is headaches. These can become intolerable and seem like they will never go away. If you experience these issues the doctor may give you prescription injections to help alleviate your pain.

4. Limit Screen Time

You will normally be instructed to limit the amount of screen time that you use following a concussion from a car accident. This will include limiting the time that you are on you phone, computer, or using any electronic device with a screen.

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