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A brain injury or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is one of the most frightening injuries a person can sustain. Even a minor brain injury must be treated as an emergency since the consequences can rapidly become more severe if the injury is left untreated. Victims of brain injuries often require extensive medical treatment, including brain surgery. Even with the proper treatment, victims may never regain what they lost due to the injury.

How Our St. Louis Brain Injury Lawyers Can Help

At Miller & Hine, we understand how serious a brain injury can be, and the everlasting effect it can have on the victims and those who love and care for them. We also believe that if the injury is the result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you and your family shouldn’t have to bear the consequences alone.

Over the years, our St. Louis brain injury lawyers have represented people from all walks of life – from blue-collar workers to business owners – and achieved positive results even in cases that were considered too complicated by many. We understand what it takes to succeed in a brain injury case, how to navigate the injury claims process in Missouri, and how to recover maximum compensation on your behalf.

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Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

A brain injury can have catastrophic consequences for the victim. The severity of a brain injury depends on many factors, including the force of impact on the head or body, and the nature of the injury itself. For example, the consequences of a minor concussion, typically won’t be as severe as a coup-contrecoup brain injury, which is caused by the brain colliding with the inside walls of the skull.

Nevertheless, if you believe that you or someone you care about has sustained a brain injury of any severity, seek immediate medical attention. The injury must be thoroughly evaluated by a qualified physician and treated as soon as possible to mitigate the consequences.

Compensation in a Missouri Brain Injury Case

Brain injury victims often suffer physical and mental damages while having to deal with medical, financial, and legal challenges. But those whose brain injury is the result of someone else’s negligence may be entitled to substantial compensation for their injuries and financial losses.

Our St. Louis brain injury lawyers will work with you and your family to help navigate the personal injury claims process to recover monetary compensation through a brain injury lawsuit. While monetary compensation won’t undo the pain and suffering you and your family have endured, it can help pay for treatment, rehabilitation, and any other costs associated with your injury.

What to Do After Sustaining a Brain Injury in St. Louis

After sustaining a brain injury, you should visit an emergency room or medical facility immediately to have a qualified healthcare professional assess the injury, take steps to mitigate the damage, and officially document the injury for any future injury claim you might file.

You should then gather as much evidence as possible to document your injury and the accident that caused it, whether that be a slip and fall accident, motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, etc.

This evidence may include:

Also, keep a journal of the treatment you receive as well as the difficulties and challenges you have to deal with as a result of your injury. All of this will assist your brain injury lawyer in building a strong case for compensation.

Finally, it is important to seek out and hire an experienced St. Louis brain injury lawyer to assist you with your brain injury lawsuit. At Miller & Hine, a team of knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyers is ready to help you pursue compensation for your suffering. Visit our contact page or call us today at (314) 413-2053 to arrange a free consultation where you can learn more about how we can help you.