Missouri Car Accident Fatalities 2022


According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MDOT), their primary priority—as well as that of the Missouri Highway Patrol is to “Promote safety and enforce traffic laws for motorists.” Despite that premise, fatal car accidents increased in Missouri for three years in a row, peaking in 2022 with the state’s highest number of traffic fatalities…

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Advice for Dealing With Insurance Companies After an Accident


You may have seen their glossy ads or sentimental commercials, but insurance companies are not on your side after an accident. Instead, they protect their profits like all private businesses, often at the injury victim’s expense. Accidents are terrifying and cause physical, emotional, and financial trauma. These are the victim’s “damages” in a car accident…

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Missouri’s Car Seat Laws


We all know that children are safest in the back seat and that babies must ride secured into car seats, but it’s important to note that car seat laws vary slightly from state to state. Before you take your children on the road, it’s important to know the car seat laws in Missouri and ensure…

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What to Do If You Witness a Car Accident in Missouri


Seeing a car accident unfold in front of you while you’re driving to work or walking on a sidewalk is a shocking experience. While we all know that anyone involved in a car accident in Missouri must remain at the scene until cleared by law enforcement to leave, does the same law apply to witnesses?…

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