The Dangers of Truck Underride Accidents


Truck accidents are terrifying and traumatic. When an 80,000-pound, fully loaded 18-wheeler and a 4,000-pound passenger car collide, the motorists in the smaller vehicle are vulnerable to severe injuries. The most catastrophic accidents involving passenger vehicles and large commercial trucks are underride accidents. Underride accidents remain underreported according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration…

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The Role of Black Boxes in Truck Accident Cases


Truck accidents often result in very serious injuries. When a collision occurs between a fully loaded tractor-trailer truck weighing as much as 80,000 pounds and a lower-profile passenger vehicle weighing an average of 4,000 pounds, the results are often catastrophic to those in the car. Motorists who suffer serious or even grave injuries in truck…

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How to Safely Share the Road With Commercial Trucks


The freight industry is thriving throughout the United States. We all depend on commercial trucks to deliver the goods and services we rely on for everyday life. But with roadways crowded with immense, unwieldy commercial trucks weighing up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded, it pays to protect yourself against potential danger. By knowing how…

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