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One second you are stationary in traffic, and the next, your vehicle is lurched forward as someone hits you from behind. Rear-end accidents are almost always avoidable, and when someone’s negligence causes you harm, you deserve to be fairly compensated. You can learn more about your right to compensation when you call our St. Louis car accident lawyers at (314) 408-5708.

How Common Are Rear-End Accidents?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end crashes are the most common type of collision. They are responsible for approximately 29% of all motor vehicle accidents and injuries. Despite often occurring at slower speeds, rear-end collisions result in a significant number of fatalities and injuries.

Common Injuries Associated with Rear-End Accidents

In a rear-end collision, the vehicle transfers some of its force when it collides with the vehicle in front of it. This force often causes the following types of injuries:

Common Reasons for Rear-End Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that a failure or delay in responding to a vehicle that is stopped or decelerating is generally due to distractions. It found that about 87% of rear-end crashes in which a trailing vehicle struck the lead vehicle included some type or degree of distraction. The NHTSA identified many different types of distracted driving activities that contributed to rear-end collisions, including:

Other negligent driving behaviors that can contribute to rear-end collisions include:

If you were hurt in a car accident, an experienced car accident lawyer can investigate the crash and determine how it occurred.

Is the Driver in the Rear Always at Fault?

The driver in the rear is usually at fault for a rear-end collision because drivers are supposed to keep a safe distance from other vehicles so they can stop in time to avoid a collision, even if the vehicle in front of them suddenly stops. However, there are instances when the driver in front may be found at fault, such as when the front driver:

Rear-end accidents can be complicated. An experienced attorney can investigate your case and determine how the accident occurred and who is at fault.

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