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When navigating Kansas City on a bicycle, you are exposed to unique dangers. Unlike drivers encased in steel frames, cyclists rely on only their helmets and reflective gear for protection. When an accident happens, the consequences can be devastating.

Miller & Hine provides focused legal expertise to pursue just compensation for victims of bicycle collisions. If you are injured while riding a bike in Kansas City, our attorneys can guide you through the legal process, ensuring that you receive the support you need to recover and regain your strength.

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Common Causes of Bicycle Collisions in Kansas City

Bicycle collisions in Kansas City can be traumatic events that often result from interactions with motor vehicles. Drivers often fail to pay adequate attention to their surroundings, leading to collisions with cyclists that lead to severe injuries or death. Factors that contribute to these accidents include:

Why You Need an Attorney Who Can Fight for Your Rights

After a bicycle accident, you deserve justice. With a Kansas City personal injury attorney from Miller & Hine by your side, you can build a strong claim for your right to compensation and hold the driver accountable for their negligent actions. Our firm can offer several advantages to aid your case, such as:

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