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A car accident is sometimes more than an inconvenient fender-bender in a parking lot. When a car accident in Kansas City causes serious injury it can be catastrophic to the victim’s life. If the car accident was preventable and only occurred because of another driver’s careless or reckless behavior or due to a negligent car part manufacturer or road crew, you shouldn’t be left responsible for the consequences of the accident. The consequences are your “damages” in a Missouri car accident claim and often include large medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. 

A Kansas City car accident lawyer from Miller & Hine is ready to help you navigate the legal aspects of your accident while you focus on your physical recovery and your family. Call the car accident attorneys in Kansas City at the law office of Miller & Hine today so we can begin prompt action on your case.

Why Choose Us for Your Car Accident Lawyers in Kansas City?

The attorneys at Miller & Hine have a notable track record of success in Kansas City car accident claims. We’ve earned a favorable reputation and generated a wealth of resources in the area including access to the best accident reconstruction experts and medical experts to help build a compelling case. Our track record includes a recent $610,000 settlement in a car accident case.

By choosing representation from Miller & Hine, you’ll enjoy legal advantages such as:

Car accident claims in fault-based insurance states like Missouri quickly become complex due to the state’s contributory negligence laws. The at-fault party’s insurance company isn’t likely to pay out happily on a large claim, but instead, protect their profits at your expense if you don’t have a powerful legal voice behind your claim.

$4,000,000 settlement for a car accident 

$610,000 settlement for a collision involving a semi-truck

$160,000 settlement for a collision involving a bus

Common Car Accident Injuries in Kansas City Accident Claims

Experts explain that three collisions take place in a car accident, the collision between a vehicle and another vehicle or obstacle, the collision inside the car as crash force propels the body against the seatbelt or parts of the car, and the collision inside the body as the organs, bones, and brain suffer a powerful jolt. Depending on the circumstances, such as the speed at impact and whether or not the vehicle rolls over, injuries range from mild to catastrophic. Common injuries in Kansas City car accident claims inlcude the following:

When injuries occur in car accidents, the aftermath of the accident becomes a chaotic whirlwind of dealing with the injuries to yourself and possibly to other family members and encountering the unexpected roadblock of large medical bills at the same time you can’t return to work. A successful car accident claim recovers compensation from the insurance company of the person responsible for your accident so you can focus on moving forward.

What Damages Can I Recover Compensation for in a Kansas City Car Accident Claim?

Car accident injuries cause both economic and non-economic damages. Common compensation in a successful car accident claim covers damages such as the following;

Your attorney from Miller & Hine will thoroughly investigate your accident, document evidence of liability, and carefully calculate your damages to present in a compelling demand package to the at-fault party’s insurer before beginning negotiation for an ample settlement in your case.

What If the Insurance Company Claims I’m Partly At Fault for My Car Accident in Kansas City?

Missouri is one of a handful of comparison negligence insurance states for car accident and personal injury claims. Under this system of contributory fault, you can still recover a portion of your damages if you contributed to the accident but the amount of compensation you receive is minus your percentage of fault. Missouri’s revised 537.765. states the following:

“The Defendant may plead and prove the fault of the plaintiff as an affirmative defense.  Any fault chargeable to the plaintiff shall diminish proportionately the amount awarded as compensatory damages but shall not bar recovery.”

Under this law, you can still recover $80,000 in a $100,000 car accident claim if you were 20 percent at fault for the accident. For instance, if you were exceeding the speed limit by seven miles per hour when another driver ran a stop sign and hit your car, the insurer could argue that had you been driving the speed limit you could have avoided the collision or suffered less severe injuries. Sadly, insurance companies sometimes assign unfair percentages of fault to an injury victim to lower the amount they pay out on a claim. You need a strong defense throughout the process to recover the total amount you deserve through an attorney who can demonstrate the at-fault party’s liability for damages.

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The timing of your claim is important. Although Missouri has a generous five-year statute of limitations for car accident injury claims, evidence disappears quickly and a claim loses momentum. It’s important to time your claim appropriately so you have compelling evidence and a clear picture of the damages you are facing. Reach out to the car accident lawyers at Miller & Hine for your free case evaluation so we can get started on recovering your losses.