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A routine stroll can turn perilous in an instant when drivers fail to notice pedestrians. When vehicles fail to yield to pedestrians, the consequences can be severe and life-changing, resulting in serious injuries, trauma, and even death.

If you were injured in a Kansas City pedestrian accident, Miller & Hine can fight for your right to justice. We understand the critical nature of these collisions and are dedicated to holding negligent motorists accountable. Trust our attorneys to handle the complexities of your case with expertise and empathy.

Why Choose Our Kansas City Pedestrian Accident Attorneys?

Common Causes of Pedestrian Collisions in Kansas City

Compared to motor vehicles, pedestrians are very vulnerable on the road. They are smaller, less noticeable, and lack the same protections as a driver inside of a car. When collisions happen, pedestrians can suffer from life-threatening injuries.

Pedestrian accidents in Kansas City often result from a range of factors, such as the following:

Why You Need a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer on Your Side

Navigating the aftermath of a pedestrian accident can be complex and overwhelming. When you are already dealing with serious injuries, medical bills, lost income, and other hardships, pursuing legal action is often the last priority on your mind. This is where a Kansas City pedestrian accident lawyer can provide invaluable support.

Miller & Hine will stand by your side every step of the way, helping you navigate the claims process and hold the driver accountable. Here are the reasons why hiring one of our pedestrian accident lawyers is essential:

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Pedestrians injured in traffic accidents deserve justice. If you have been struck by a negligent driver in Kansas City, Miller & Hine can help you hold the motorist accountable and recover the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today at (816) 205-8845 and explore your path to justice with our Missouri pedestrian accident lawyers.