Blind Spot Semi Truck Accidents

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Large semi-tractor-trailer trucks are a necessary component of freight and commerce in the United States, delivering essential goods and services to communities. But when accidents occur between passenger cars and large commercial trucks weighing up to 18,000 pounds when fully loaded with freight, the result is often devastating to smaller vehicles. One of the most common causes of preventable truck accidents is blind spot collision. Commercial truck cabs have no rearview mirrors because a mirror on the cab’s windshield would only reflect the tall back of the trailer. Truck drivers rely on their truck’s side mirrors, but the views from these mirrors leave extensive blind spots. When a vehicle travels in a truck’s blind spot, the driver may not know they are there if they haven’t paid vigilant attention to the position of the traffic around them.

Semi truck blind spot accidents

Understanding Blind Spots in Semi-Trucks

Truck blind spots result in unsafe lane changes by truck drivers who are not aware of the presence of another vehicle traveling in a blind spot. Drivers sharing the road with large commercial trucks pulling trailers should avoid the following positions—known as no-zones— in truck blind spots:

If you cannot see the truck’s side mirrors from your position, the driver may not be aware of your vehicle’s presence.

Common Blind Spot Truck Accidents

Although motorists should do their best to avoid lingering in a truck’s blind spot, it’s the responsibility of the truck driver to be vigilant and remain aware of the position of traffic around them. Truck drivers have a duty to check and double-check their side mirrors and any side-angle cameras if their truck is equipped with these devices, which are growing in popularity on newer model trucks.

Common accidents associated with semi-truck blind spots include the following:

All accidents between large semi trucks and smaller vehicles are traumatic and terrifying, but truck override and underride accidents are typically catastrophic, ending in devastating injuries and fatalities.

How Can a St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney Help?

Truck accident claims to recover damages like medical expenses, lost income, compensation for pain and suffering, or wrongful death damages quickly become complex. Multiple entities could bear liability, including the driver, the truck company, the maker of a defective truck part, or other parties. It takes a thorough investigation and evidence of liability to make a compelling case for the maximum available compensation. An experienced St. Louis truck accident lawyer from Miller & Hine is ready to legally represent your best interests throughout the process, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.