Understanding Underride Crashes: What You Need To Know

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Have you or a loved one experienced an underride crash at the hands of a negligent truck driver?

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At Miller & Hine, our goal is twofold: give you the vital information you need to understand underride crashes while assuring you that there is a path forward of healing. You may be eligible to bring a case against the negligent driver who caused the underride crash in a court of law, depending upon your situation.

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The Basics Of Underride Crashes

According to reporting from Frontline, an underride crash occurs “when a car slides underneath the body of a large truck in the gaps between the wheels” due to a height difference between the truck towing the tractor-trailer and the other motor vehicle.

There are two types of underride crashes: side and rear underride crashes. A side crash is when the motor vehicle is pinned under the side of the truck, and a rear crash is when it is pinned under the rear of the truck.

The Data On Underride Crashes

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that spanning from 2008-2017, there were only 219 fatalities (or less than 1 percent of total traffic fatalities) attributable to underride crashes. However many organizations, including the GAO, believe this figure is significantly underreported.

Some policy groups have analyzed governmental data on underride crashes provided by NHSTA. ProPublica found that, in 2021, there were over 400 fatalities from underride crashes, which the organization still believes to be underreported.

Why Underride Crashes Happen

Here’s a short list of the reasons a negligent truck driver could cause a crash:

Why Are Underride Crashes So Dangerous?

Due to the height difference between the truck and the motor vehicle, the point of impact typically occurs in the front center of the motor vehicle (the windshield or hood). Thus, common safety features like airbags and other protective aids typically do not deploy during these crashes.

How Can An Attorney Help Me After A Truck Underride Crash?

After you or a loved one experiences an underride crash, an experienced lawyer, like those at Miller & Hine, can help you. A St. Louis truck accident lawyer will investigate the collision and negotiate with insurance providers to have a client fairly compensated for losses, injuries, or damages they suffered. And if negotiations fall through, a lawyer will bring suit against the negligent driver in court.

Most law firms offer free consultations for those who have experienced an underride crash, which is the case for Miller & Hine.

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