Truck Accidents Due To Inexperienced Drivers And Inadequate Training

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Truck accidents often occur due to inadequate training, where drivers lack the necessary skills for safe operation, leading to critical errors in judgment and technique on the road.

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What Are The Requirements To Drive A Heavy-Duty Truck In Missouri?

In Missouri, anyone driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) needs to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). There are three different classifications of heavy-duty vehicles that require different designations on a license, such as A, B, C.

Each truck class requires a different test to pass, but the core requirements of receiving a license remain the same. According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, prospective truckers need to:

How Much Training Do Drivers Need To Be Able To Drive A Heavy-Duty Truck?

The only training a Missouri truck driver needs to receive a CDL is receiving a training from a provider listed in the federal Training Provider Registry for an entry-level driver training program (ELDT), according to the Missouri Department of Revenue. This is only for prospective truckers attempting to get licensed after February 2022.

ELDT training has no required training hours and can be done entirely online, with some companies promising that you can complete ELDT theory courses in two weeks and attempt a CDL permit test in just one month.

One caveat to this lack of training required for truck drivers is that some companies provide additional training to their hired truckers, either from individuals on staff or by outsourcing training to a third-party training company. But it is not required for them to do so.

Why Do Inexperienced Drivers Cause More Accidents?

Truck drivers with minimal training are more prone to causing accidents due to their lack of familiarity with the nuances of operating heavy-duty trucks under various conditions.

Here are a few reasons why a driver’s lack of training and experience could yield an accident:

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