The Dangers of Override Truck Accidents

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Americans rely heavily on the goods and services brought to our communities by large commercial trucks, but these immense metal trucks weighing up to 18,000 pounds with fully loaded trailers present a significant safety hazard on our roadways. Over 168,000 truck accidents happen each year in the United States, three percent of which result in one or more fatalities. All accidents involving large trucks have the potential for serious injuries but some of the most catastrophic types of truck accidents are override accidents. What happens in an override accident and how do they happen?

What Is an Override Truck Accident?

An override truck accident typically begins as a rear-end collision with the truck hitting a smaller vehicle from behind; however, because commercial trucks are so large, the force of the crash combined with the size of the truck’s large tires, causes the truck’s cab to climb up and over the back of the smaller vehicle. Less commonly, some override truck accidents occur in intersections, beginning as a side-impact collision with a smaller vehicle when the force of the collision and the size of the truck cause the truck to climb over the top of a car already in the intersection.

Override accidents cause catastrophic damage and injuries by crushing the smaller vehicle under the weight of the truck. In some override accidents, the truck shears off the top of the smaller vehicle—with deadly consequences to motorists inside.

Injuries and Fatalities in Truck Override Accidents

Injuries in truck override accidents occur almost exclusively to the occupants of the smaller vehicle crushed by the cab of the truck. Common serious or fatal injuries in override accidents include the following:

Grave injuries are often life-altering to the victims of truck override accidents. Because override accidents typically begin with a rear-end collision, the truck driver’s negligence leaves the driver or trucking company liable for damages to victims. If a fatality occurs in a truck override accident, the deceased victim’s close family members can recover compensation in a wrongful death claim.

Common Causes of Override Truck Accidents

When a smaller vehicle is hit from behind by a large commercial truck and then crushed beneath the weight of the truck, it’s usually due to negligence on the part of the truck driver. Common driver errors resulting in rear-end collisions and override accidents include the following:

Override accidents are terrifying and traumatic for all involved, often resulting in PTSD and other emotional damages to survivors as well as severe or catastrophic physical injuries.

What Can a Truck Accident Lawyer in Missouri Do For My Case?

Victims of this type of catastrophic accident need serious legal representation to hold the careless truck driver or negligent trucking company financially accountable for the serious economic and non-economic damages resulting from truck override accidents. Call the St. Louis truck accident lawyers at Miller & Hine today so we can take swift action on your behalf.