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Have you or a loved one been painfully injured after getting into a garbage truck accident in St. Louis? If this describes what you’re facing, you may be eligible for compensation in a settlement or civil court proceeding.

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Why Choose Miller & Hine For Your St. Louis Garbage Truck Accident?

St. Louis citizens are no strangers to garbage truck accidents. In 2024, there was at least one fatal crash involving a garbage truck where the victim died, just one month after a separate garbage truck crash.

When our firm sees the chaos after a negligent garbage truck operator crashes their vehicle, we make it a point to do what we can to make things right.

Here’s why hundreds of satisfied clients choose Miller & Hine for their garbage truck accident cases. We

Who Is Liable In A St. Louis Garbage Truck Accident?

This situation means determining liability can be complex if a garbage truck driver injures you. Here is a list of all the potential parties who could be held liable after a St. Louis garbage truck accident.

That means that motor vehicle operators, acting as employees, motor vehicle operators may be sued. This would only be the case if a traditional employee (W2 worker) operated the truck, not a worker employed by another company or an independent contractor.

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