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Who Is Liable In An Amazon Delivery Accident?

Understanding the liability implications surrounding Amazon delivery accidents is an important first step in determining if you have a case. Of course, a skilled personal injury lawyer like those at Miller & Hine can discuss liability with you after a free, no-obligation case review.

Multiple groups of individuals could be driving for Amazon, which makes bringing legal action against the company or a driver more complex. The main two Amazon driver types are Amazon Delivery Service Partners (DSP) and Amazon Flex drivers. Here is an explanation of both groups:

Despite the pressure Amazon places on delivery drivers to complete deliveries as fast as possible, bringing a suit against Amazon can be tough. The company’s lawyers argue that both groups are classified as independent contractors not employees, despite this classification being determined as incorrect in court in some jurisdictions.

Overall, this makes determining liability after Amazon accidents potentially complicated, which is why it’s helpful to contact a trustworthy St. Louis personal injury lawyer.

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