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Are you or a loved one suffering after a reckless tow truck driver injured you? Are you struggling to keep up with the mounting medical bills and calls from insurance adjusters, all while you’re trying to heal from this unfair accident?

Miller & Hine are the St. Louis tow truck accident lawyers you can trust.

For decades, the Miller & Hine team has been fighting for the rights of St. Louis tow truck accident victims just like you. We’re considered one of the best law firms in St. Louis because of our expertise, collaborative approach, and passion for a successful outcome in your case.

Our commitment to reclaiming what rightfully belongs to you fuels our determination to secure the highest possible compensation for your tow truck accident in St. Louis. When we take on clients, we never charge upfront, only collecting compensation from you if we win your case.

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Miller & Hine brings together a team of passionate attorneys with a proven track record of success, offering unparalleled legal support to those in need.

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What To Know About Tow Truck Accidents

In the effort to rescue others from being stranded on the road, a tow truck driver or their vehicle could inadvertently cause another car accident. Or, the drivers themselves could be victims of another motor vehicle operator’s negligence, with 1,280 tow truck drivers injured each year while working.

Here’s who could be determined to be negligent in a tow truck accident case:

Victims of tow truck accidents often suffer extensively, experiencing injuries such as broken or fractured bones, road rash, concussions, and more.

Regardless of whether you or a loved one was the operator of the tow truck or an innocent bystander, you could receive compensation if the incident was determined to not be your fault.

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